Campingmoon T-1 Gas Lantern With Wooden Case

Campingmoon T-1 Gas Lantern With Wooden Case

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Product Description:
A candle-type sub-lantern that uses gas as fuel and does not use a mantle. It does not require a mantle, is very easy to use, and is designed to ignite just by bringing a lighter close to it so that it can be easily ignited. Like a “candle”, it illuminates with a swaying flame, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Comes with a wooden case so you can carry it while protecting your delicate glass gloves. The size is 5 x 5 x 16.3 cm and weighs about 165 g. The fuel is compatible with gas-type OD cans, and the standard combustion time when using a 500 g gas can fully opened is about 30 hours.

Product Highlights:
• Brand: Campingmoon
• Material: Tool stopper / Aluminum alloy / Stainless steel, Ascidian / Heat-resistant glass, Storage case / Natural wood
• Continuous combustion time (fully open): Approximately 30 hours when using a 500G outdoor can (OD can)
• A candle-type lantern that uses gas as fuel and does not use a mantle
• The gentle light that shimmers like a candle creates a good atmosphere
• It is convenient to be able to freely adjust the light by having a lever to adjust the flame

Product Specifications:
• Size: 5 x 5 x 16.3 cm (excluding knobs)
• Weight: 325g (Gas lantern only approx. 165g)
• Warranty: 3 Months
• What’s in the box: 1 x Campingmoon Gas Lantern With Wooden Lantern Case

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