NITECORE Dust Blower Camera Air Knight Cole Blower Baby

NITECORE Dust Blower Camera Air Knight Cole Blower Baby

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1. Portable Cordless Electronic Blower
2. Applicable to the cleaning of photographic equipment and more devices
3. Max wind speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph)
4. Built-in 1, 500mAh Li-ion battery provides consistent usage Built-in Li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C port
5. Unidirectional air intake to prevent secondary damage to the object surface
6. Replaceable high-density filter included for effective dust filtration
7. Power indicator to indicate the remaining battery power Silicone nozzle to prevent accidental damage to the object surface
8. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with HA- III military grade hard-anodized finish

Specification :
Input : 5V⎓2A
Rated Power : 22.2W
Battery Capacity : 1500mAh
Rotational Speed : 26000 RPM
Wind Speed : 70km/h (with Standard Filter)
50km/h (with Sensor Cleaning Filter)
Dimensions : 137mm * 61mm * 30mm
Weight : 153g
Accessories : Standard Filter, USB-C Charging Cable

Standard Package :
1* BlowerBaby
1* Standard Filter
1* USB-C Charging Cable

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