MOBI GARDEN Frosted Lamp String Light NX21673009

MOBI GARDEN Frosted Lamp String Light NX21673009


Brand: Mobi Garden/Mobi Garden
Origin: China
Color Classification: Yellow USB Interface/Yellow Battery
Weight: 420g
Continuous Lighting Time: Subject To Actual Use
Lighting Radius (m): 0.2m (Subject To Actual Use)
Whether Adiustable Focus: No
Lampshade Material: Polypropylene
Item Number: NX21673010
Brightness: Color Temperature: 2500K
Types Of Bulbs And Accessories: LED
Outdoor Sports: Camping
Battery Specification: Power Bank
Whether The Same Paragraph In The Mall: Yes
Maximum Power: 1W
Battery Life: 24 Hours
Whether It Can Be Used As A Power Bank: No
Length: 10 Meter

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