Campingmoon Z10 Z11 Butane Converter Gas Head Conversion Adapter

Campingmoon Z10 Z11 Butane Converter Gas Head Conversion Adapter


Product Descriptions :

1)There is a mark on the adapter. It means turn the fuel canister to right.

2)This item is designed to be able to be used with CAMPINGMOON’s extend hose, so it is a little tight when you connect it to canister.

3)Work with butane gas canister which has a metal ring around the top with about a 1/2″ slit missing (Canister with a short nozzle and snap joint).

Product Specifications :

DIMENSIONS: 2.16″x1.18″/5.5cmx3cm;

WEIGHT: 0.066lb/30g

MATERIAL: Super Duralumin, Brass, Rubber, Resin

USES: Convert Butane Canister(nozzle bottle) to EN417 Lindal valve canister, very efficient. It is a useful tool for your camping, backpacking, hunting, BBQ, barbecue and other outdoor occasions.

FEATURES: *OUTDOOR USE ONLY* Small size. Safety stand: Use the stand when using the cartridge on its side. With automatic shutdown function, it won’t leak even though it doesn’t connect to the stove.

Package include: 1 * Adapter Z10

Brand : Campingmoon
Fuel Type : Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Material : Brass , Metal
Power Source : Gas Powered

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