CAMPINGMOON T-1-AT Glass Candle Light Lampshade Lamp Holder

CAMPINGMOON T-1-AT Glass Candle Light Lampshade Lamp Holder


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The glass lampshade can withstand the temperature difference of cold and hot fusion, and has a series of superior properties such as low expansion, thermal shock resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and high strength.
Transparent glass lampshade design, you can see the jumping and dancing of fires inside.
Three colors optional, you can choose transparent, khaki and grey according to your preference.
Exquisite and simple candle lampshade design, which is not only beautiful and romantic, but also provide illumination for small areas.
Wide applications, suitable for the use in the home, store, hotel, outdoor camping and some other occasions.

Name: Candle Lampshade
Material: glass
Thickness: 2mm
Item size: 118 * 49 * 32mm / 4.65 * 1.93 * 1.26in
Item weight: 43g / 1.52ounce
Package size: 122 * 54 * 54mm / 4.80 * 2.13 * 2.13in
Package weight: 80g / 2.82ounce

Packing List:
1 * Candle Lampshade

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