Campingmoon R Series Martensitic Stainless Steel Hardened Forged Tent Stake Power Peg

Campingmoon R Series Martensitic Stainless Steel Hardened Forged Tent Stake Power Peg

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LENGTH:20cm, 26cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm each peg
WEIGHT:129g, 154g,179g, 233g, 263g each peg
Pack Set: 20cm/8pcs, 26cm/8pcs, 30cm/8pcs, 35cm/6pcs, 40cm/6pcs
MATERIAL:STAINLESS STEEL 420J2. 20% -50% up in hardness than general stainless steel (SUS304).Incredibly strong to holding down your tent on hard ground.
Multifunctional to use: Our tent stakes/pegs are designed for anchoring large camping tents and canopies in compact earth and stone. You can also use them with tarp, garden netting fabrics, landscaping and securing fences and securing outdoor holiday decorations.

1. Detachment prevention design
When the hook sticks into the ground, the ear of the hook part does not rotate the stake and at the same time prevents the rope from coming off.
2. Round hole
The round hole is designed so that the hook of the peg hammer can be caught. Rope can also be attached.
3. Elliptical pillar-shaped head
It has an elliptical pillar shape and is flat and easy to drive.
The material is designed to be thicker in the pulling direction of the rope, so it can withstand toughness.
4. Flat or tip
The sharp tip is processed flat to prevent injury when hit.
5. Focus on appearance
There is no welded surface, and it is a product that can be used for a long time as well as its appearance.
Since the stainless steel material is forged as it is, the surface is not painted. Therefore, as shown on the right of the photo, there is no need to worry about the paint peeling off and rusting when hit with a hammer. (* Stainless steel does not mean that it will never rust. It is resistant to rust.)

How To Use
1. How to hit a peg
The angle between the guy line and the peg is a right angle (90 degrees).
Tilt the pegs in the opposite direction of the tent so that they are at an angle of 60 degrees to the ground. If possible, drive until the guy line is closer to the ground.
2. How to pull out the peg
If you have a peg hammer, you can use the hook on the back to pull it out using the principle of leverage.
Put another peg on the hook of the peg that is driven into the ground, and pull it out by pulling it or twisting it lightly.
3. Storage
Wash mud stains with water in advance and dry as much as possible.

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