Campingmoon LP-310-BK Silicone Single Burner Assist Grip Tube Heat Resistant

Campingmoon LP-310-BK Silicone Single Burner Assist Grip Tube Heat Resistant


A high quality silicone hose that uses 100% silicone with high flexibility without whitening or hardening. It is sold with a length of 160 mm (set of 4). A silicon hose with an inner diameter of φ4 mm that matches the diameter length of ST-310. It is also compatible with new Fuji burners, SOTO single burners, and regulator stove legs to prevent slipping. It is suitable not only for Soto’s ST310, but also for ST-310MC and ST-N310WH, a bespoke collaboration model with NATURUM. It is strong against bending, does not easily deform even after repeated use, and has an excellent fit, so it is a good material for hard outdoor camping.

Size: Diameter 4mm~9mm x 160mm
Heat resistant temperature: -60 to 180 ℃
Compatible for: Soto’s ST310, ST-310MC and ST-N310W
Included: 4pcs (1 SET)

About this item
4 pieces (φ0.16 inches (4 mm) d) x 6.3 inches (9 mm) x 6.3 inches (160 mm) pre-cut, heat-resistant temperature: -180 degrees F (-60 to 180 degrees C)
Replaces SOTO ST-310 Assist Grip Assisted grip for trivet and heat transfer
It is also compatible with the legs of Shinfuji Burners, SOTO Single Burners, and Regulator Stoves, and is a great alternative to factory assist grips. It is not only compatible with the Soto’s ST310 but also the ST-310MC and Naturram special collaboration models ST-N310WH
When installing, simply add some soapy water or some emulsion to the trivet for easy installation
Due to the nature of the material, dust and debris will adhere to it, but it can be easily cleaned by washing it or wiping with a damp cloth, etc

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