Campingmoon Field Rack Table Mat T-2304

Campingmoon Field Rack Table Mat T-2304

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Material : PU leather
Size : about 592 x 34 x 0.3 (height) mm
A use : Table mat for the field rack
Weight : about 390g

Features :

1. A table mat that can be used not only for field racks, but also for multiple purposes.
2. The surface texture is just like leather, so it protects the table from scratches and stains, as well as gas marks.
3. The back side is black and can be used reversibly.

Field rack table mat.
Because it is made of PU leather, it looks like leather.  In addition to protecting the table from scratches and dirt, it can also prevent gas marks.  It seems to be very active not only in camping and BBQ, but also in the kitchen and dining room at home.  It also has a non-slip effect peculiar to the material, and is also recommended as a table mat for campers.

* Use Dimensions : Length 59cm x Width 34cm x 3cm
* Material : PU leather
* Color : Green

A multi-purpose table mat. Place it on a field rack or table to protect it from scratches and dirt.
The front side is green and the back side is black and can be used reversibly.

Notes :
* Please avoid leaving it in the same place for a long time.
*Due to the characteristics of the material, the contact surface may occasionally discolor.
* Direct flame or fire may cause deformation or carbonization.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* If the mat is folded and stored for a long period of time, creases or sticking may occur.

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