Campingmoon F-35 Large Folding Stool Camping Stool

Campingmoon F-35 Large Folding Stool Camping Stool



Using canvas fabric that is resistant to sparks, the seating area has been doubled in size compared to the current products on the

market. The seating height has also been reduced to 36 cm for a low-style structure and more comfort to sit on it.



Weight: Approximately 700g

Seat material: Cotton fabric

Frame material: Aluminum alloy


Cotton fabric

Uses a sturdy canvas fabric. Unlike chemical fibers such as polyester, it is difficult to make holes even if it is hit by the sparks of a bonfire. A stool suitable for use around a bonfire, you can enjoy it without worrying about sparks.


Double fabric structure

The double-layered fabric structure makes it more sturdy. The canvas fabric is sewn twice, and a reinforcing tape is sewn on the

seating surface where the load is applied to make it tough.

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