Campingmoon DO-23 Cast iron Japanese Pot Iron Oven

Campingmoon DO-23 Cast iron Japanese Pot Iron Oven


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Size: 29*12CM
Material: cast iron, stainless steel, Teflon, log
Weight: 3.5KG
Features: integrated molding, cast iron material, solid and durable.
Made from premium cast iron, the Cast Iron Oven is a kitchen staple. The Cast Iron Oven features a rounded bottom for increased heat conduction, and both the pot and skillet are compatible with induction stovetops. Use for cooking in the campfield or at home.

How to care for the Dutch oven when you first started using it
When you first start using it, the oil is not yet fully familiar with the iron plate, so it is a little troublesome to maintain.

(1) Before and after using the Dutch oven, add hot water and scrub with a scrubbing brush. Never sprinkle water when the Dutch oven is hot. This is because cast iron Dutch ovens are vulnerable to sudden temperature differences. In the worst case, the Dutch oven may crack, so be careful when cleaning it.

(2) Heat the Dutch oven to completely evaporate the water.

(3) When the water is gone, apply oil to the entire Dutch oven (both front and back) 2-3 times and bake a little while keeping it on the fire.

(4) Turn off the fire. Wait a moment and wipe off any excess oil before the Dutch oven has cooled completely.

Included: 1*Campingmoon DO-23 Cast iron, 1* Canvas bag

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